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Former Danity Kane and Dirty Moneymember Dawn Richard is no longer on the Bad Boy Records roster. Although plenty will speculate there was some foul fall out between the two, Richard maintains the split was amicable and she will still be working with Diddy on future Dirty Money projects.

Dawn being released for Diddy’s stable of talent allows her to work on her solo material independently. Richard talked exclusively to Bossip about the label exit and her new “raw” and “militant” sound. Here’s and excerpt of her interview, “Puff has been really great with being supportive of me starting a solo career, and he’s agreed to let me go from Bad Boy. I’m really grateful to him. He didn’t have to do that. He could have been what they say that he would be, and he wasn’t at all. He gave me a business decision. It was a very amicable decision. Now, it’s just about the music, and I want to make him and them proud of believing in me enough to let me go try it.”

Check out Dawn Richard’s latest track, “Change” below and head over to Bossip for the rest of her interview.


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