Words by Adisa Banjoko

Tyrese Gibson’s career in entertainment began when he was discovered on a bus. An appearance in a 1994 Coke advertisement, singing the phrase “Always Coca-Cola,” gave the budding singer a national buzz. Soon after he got into acting. One of his biggest breaks was getting cast as Jody in the John Singelton film Baby Boy.

As Jody, Tyrese was a text book mama’s boy with two kids of his own by two different women. However, the part was originally meant to be played by Tupac

Shakur. But after Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas, production for the film

was suspended. In the movie Tyrees’ character Jody is an avid Tupac fan and

has a picture of him on his wall. Ironically, the role of Rodney (played by Snoop Dogg)  was to be played by none other than Ice Cube.


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