Many people say soul music has been laid to rest. Andy Suzuki & The Method are out to prove there is still soul in music even if it is acoustic pop. The band is an amalgamation of a variety of styles and sensibilities with one common goal–make great music. Andy Suzuki met percussionist Kozza Babumba as a freshman at Brown University after looking for a few musicians to jam with. The band’s violinist, Jason Gorelick, didn’t join the fold until 2009. “We’re a multi-generational band,” Andy offers. This word ‘multi-generational’ is a point of contention because as the oldest, Kozza feels like a grandfather clock when it’s used to describe them, but he’ll roll with it. Multi-generational or not, the trio has been slowly building a fanbase for some time.

The slow build is beginning to pay dividends. Andy, Kozza, and Jason G. dropped an EP, The Ghost Stories, which features themes of love lost and the trepidation of getting into another romantic situation afterwards. Off the strength of the songs, Andy Suzuki & The Method have sold out New York City’s famed Joe’s Pub on more than one occasion. The New York City club circuit isn’t the only scene the Brown University grads are about to conquer. The band will perform a showcase at this year’s SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. When asked if they are intimidated of performing at such an auspicious event, they replied, “We’re  not nervous about SXSW because we got all of the nerves out when we had only been playing for a little while and were booking shows. We were booking shows when we had no business booking shows. We were writing songs when we had no business writing songs,” Kozza and Andy mused.

If preparing for SXSW wasn’t enough, Andy Suzuki & The Method are working on a follow up to The Ghost Stories EP. The as-yet-untitled project is shaping up to expound upon their brand of stripped down soul infused pop music. During our interview, the question of what the theme would be for the next project ignited a few ideas in Andy’s head for potential songs.

As you can see, the wheels are always turning in these three’s heads. Whether it be the loss of a woman or a simple question about subject matter, anything can and will spark the group’s creativity. Creativity is what the game’s been missing for a long time. As Dennis Edwards and Siedah Garrett sang in 1984, don’t look any further because Andy Suzuki & The Method have got it.

Follow Andy Suzuki and The Method on Twitter. Check out The Ghost Stories EP on their Bandcamp. When you decide you can’t get enough, hit up the official website.


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