The role has made her a favorite to win Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards, but even that’s not enough to get Viola Davis’ mother to see The Help. Speaking with CBS News, the two time Oscar nominee says her mom has avoided seeing the movie because it might be too “painful.” Davis explained: “My mother has yet to see the movie… I think it’s just because — I think it’s painful. You have a whole generation of women who don’t want to be reminded of the past.”

Viola says she’s only gotten “little spurts” of information from her mom. “She just said that my grandmother was treated very cruelly by her employers,” she noted. Davis said of her mother and grandmother, “I think it’s a generation that’s used to sucking it in, which is why I loved Aibileen (her character). She represented most people in that time period who just had to suck it in — and their whole lives, dreams, hopes, everything, just took place in their spirit.”


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