With new reality shows being cranked out like ground liver, it’s hard to come up with a totally original idea. But if you take an iconic rapper-turned-actor who has married a buxom lingerie model, some interesting things are bound to happen.

Ice-T: “Hillary Clinton Will Be President After Barack!”

One the first season of Ice T and Coco’s “Ice Loves Coco” viewers got to see everything from the couple renewing their vows to Coco free-styling in the vocal booth. But with the reality TV couples curse looming, has it all been worth it? Clearly, because the next season is upon us.

“I think once we got it out there and the people received it well and we had little or no people that didn’t like it, you definitely going in with a good feeling,” Ice told reflecting on the first season. “I wouldn’t do a second season if we didn’t have fun on the first one.”

The couple had been pursued for a show for years, particularly after Coco’s appearance on E!’s “Hip-Hop Wives” but the couple relented until they felt the time was right.

“Our thing was if you were willing to shoot us, we’ll do it,” says Ice. “But if you need us to embellish it we can’t do it. We’re funny enough.”

So far fans agree.  According to Nielsen, the show premiered  a 1.34 Household rating and over 1.3 million Total Viewers which is nearly triple E!’s Primetime average with households and easily doubled its total wiewers. And what’s not to like? Ice T’s cool and experienced demeanor matched with eye candy like Coco is an easy recipe. Add some music and cameras and watch the fireworks.

In one episode Coco decided to step in the recording booth and record a song celebrating her shoe fetish, the aptly titled “Shoe Freak.” The dance-floor flirtation with 6″ heels is punctuated by her admission that she wants to “f*ck her shoes.” Amber Rose watch your back.

“That came about because Ice and I wanted to do something funny at home that might go viral,” says Coco. “I’m not trying to be a singer or be a star in that world. We just wanted to do a Lady Gaga type of thing.”

“Everyday Coco is around musicians,” Ice T explains further. “All of my friends are musicians. Everybody’s a DJ, so of course they look at her and say, ‘We should put Coco on the record.’ But it was more like a joke. We were just having fun on the show. The song was just me saying anybody can make a pop record. With the right producers you could make a pop record. I didn’t say a hit…I said a record.”

But what adds to the spice are the off-camera hijinks. Coco’s Twitter followers are treated to regular twitpics as part of the #thongthursdays trending topic. Last year she pulled a stunt balancing a soda can on her backside, but she insists it wasn’t her idea.

“My mom and I were up around twelve o’clock at night drinking ginger ale and I said “oh mom I have my thong thursday and I don’t know what to do,” says Coco. “I always try to do something funny for laughs. And my mom said ‘Hey why don’t we balance a can on your booty.’ I said that sounds interesting let’s see if I can do it. She took the picture and it ended up on TMZ and everywhere. Little did they know that was my mom’s idea.”

So with competition from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kandi Burruss does Ice T think that Coco has the best butt on reality TV?

“I think she has the best butt in the world, truthfully,” says Ice. “Coco has the best ass-to-waist ratio. My kind of butt…right…she has the small waist and has the little round bubble butt. The thing about Coco is people don’t know how small she is. People think she’s 6 ft tall or something. She’s only 5′ 2″. So her butt is in correct ratio to her body. So I think that makes her have the best butt.”

“Ice Love’s” Coco airs Sunday night on E! Check your local listings for times!

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