Akon still is making money as a sought after music producer and songwriter, yet he hasn’t paid his bills. According to TMZ, the “Locked Up” singer owes Southern Electric, a contracting company, $51,000 for work done to his Georgia mansion.

Southern Electric filed a lawsuit in Georgia Superior Court against Akon, stating they finshed more than $344,000 worth of work and haven’t received payment for their final invoice. Southern Electric work included framing, electric wiring, and molding. From that, they’re owed $51,941, which they claim Akon refuses to pay. The company is said to have contacted Akon’s mother, who was acting as his agent during the deal, last November and  have not received any sort of payment.

The mansion Southern Electric worked on was boought for a reported 1.6 million, so it’s not like he doesn’t have the money. What do you think the hold up is? Is Akon broke and just fronting like he has all kinds of money? Sound off in the comments.


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