A while ago we put up a gallery called the Top 10 Most Overrated MCs [click here to read] and we pissed a lot of y’all off with our selections. Listening to you, our readers, we took your suggestions and put your opinion together for BP’s Top 10 Most Overrated MCs list [click here to read].

That didn’t do much to calm your anger about ‘Pac being on the list and KING Magazine is adding fuel to the fire with their own ‘8 Rap Facts.’

Check out this excerpt below:

Sure there is plenty of ‘real talk’ but few instances of mind-boggling verses or innovative flows. Can you honestly admit that he is a better rapper than, say, Big Pun?! Tupac is the epitome of conviction over diction.

Now, maybe if you raise enough hell, KING will let BlackPlanet list its own ‘8 Rap Facts.’ If you haven’t checked out our Top 10 Most Overrated MCs gallery, be sure to check it out below:

What are YOUR ‘8 Rap Facts’?! Was KING right?! Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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