Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs officially announced his latest creation, Revolt Music Channel. Diddy took to his Twitter to say he wouldn’t have any wack music on his new channel. If Diddy isn’t going to play any music by artists with no soul, then half of his roster won’t be eligible to have their video in rotation. The Urban Daily wanted to highlight a few of those artists whose careers are in the hands of Diddy and won’t be able to see their struggle videos seen on the network. Who else should should be on the list?


The model turned off key whisperer singer could never be confused with a female who has powerful church pipes. Cassie had a hit with her debut single, “Me & U.” The reason that became a hit is because Ryan Leslie’s suggestive lyrics piqued every man’s interests. Plus, the beat was addictive (See what I did there?) However, Cassie has been criticized for having no real singing ability and just getting a deal for being Diddy’s jumpoff special friend.

French Montana

Bad Boy’s latest signee has gotten flack for not being a good lyricist and for the songs on his mixtapes sounding exactly alike. Those sentiments are from people who actually listen to French’s music. Though his following is small, they are dedicated. Diddy might be banking on those loyal fans to buy albums, but we are in the age of the internet. Who pays for music anymore? But I digress. French Montana doesn’t really say much in his music. We wonder how Diddy is going to get around that minor detail.

Da Band

When Diddy tried to make a band with four rappers and a singer, he totally missed the mark. The best part of watching Da Band make a struggle music was seeing them walk to Brooklyn for cheesecake. One thing better than viewers catching them hoofing it to Junior’s was the spoof Dave Chappelle did on his sketch comedy show. Who even remembers a song Da Band came out with? As corny as they were, it must be mentioned Dylan spits hot fire!


People are still wondering what in the actual hell Diddy was thinking about when he signed a group of soulless pop robots known as Dream. They had maybe two songs that popped on MTV, but he quickly dropped the teenage group when he noticed those white girls had no rhythm, actual singing ability, and discernable talent. On second thought, why doesn’t he resign them? His stable of talent possesses the same qualities.


Diddy made this list for every song outside of “I’ll Be Missing You” and “It’s All About The Benjamins.” Need I mention the rock song he did for the Godzilla 2000 soundtrack or “Angels,” the earsplitting Dirty Money song featuring a recycled verse from Biggie? Need I continue? No. Didn’t think so!


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