When one of the world’s greatest actress, Meryl Streep co-signs on your talent, Hollywood takes notice.  Adepero Oduye, star of the breakout indie hit Pariah was in a total state of shock when she heard Streep mention her name at last month’s Golden Globes.  It’s no surprise that a week after the epic shout out, Oduye signed with talent agency ICM.  The statuesque actress graces the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair Hollywood issue, and has also been featured in W Magazine and The New York Times.

Oduye, who started out as a pre-med student at Cornell, found her true calling after the death of her father.

“I was doing this whole medicine thing for my father and I asked myself what I really wanted to do and it kind of hit me,” she told “So I took an acting class my senior year and I loved it.” The medical world’s loss is cinema’s gain.

Watch Adepero and Kim Wayans in this scene from Pariah.


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