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Tyler Perry is back on the big screen with his newest romantic comedy Good Deeds. For his latest project, Perry leaves Madea’s wig and fat suit at home to  take on leading man status.  Perry plays Wesley Deeds, a fifth generation Ivy League businessman whose seemingly perfect life seems to be missing something. Along comes a struggling single mother (Thandie Newton) who challenges Wesley to examine his own life and to pursue his own life.

While doing press for Good Deeds, Perry sat down with Fox TV’s Kevin McCarthy and shares why he doesn’t allow film critics to screen his movies in advance:

McCarthy: Whenever a Tyler Perry movie comes out, people e-mail me asking, ‘Why aren’t you reviewing this movie?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, they’re not screening it.’ Why don’t you screen your films to critics?

Perry: I would love for that to happen, but early on I realized that we were paying quite a bit of money to have these movies screened for critics around the country and most of the critiques were horrible. So I’m like, Why am I paying for people to say these are terrible films? I don’t mind bad critiques – I’m always looking for the truth – but I’m always looking for people who can connect and get what I’m trying to say

McCarthy: Do you ever read your reviews and fix things?

Perry: No, I’ve never made one adjustment based on that. I had two critics sitting in the same row, watching my play. I read both reviews – one was amazing, one was awful, so no, I just do what I do.

All of Perry’s movies have grossed over $500 million in box office sales.  Is Perry right in not allowing film critics to review his movies in advance?  Or could he benefit from some constructive criticism? Sound off in the comments section below.

GOOD DEEDS trailer:


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