San Francisco based rapper LoveRance is going for Trey Songz title of “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” The newest signee to Interscope Records has become an over’net celebrity with his club hit “Up” and has been using the spoils of new fame to his benefit. Definitely not yours.

“I went to a Ryan Leslie show,” he says of his Valentine’s Day festivities. “We went to dinner first and then we went to the show and chilled afterward. She had a man and he was messing up. So she hit me up on Monday and she was like ‘I’m not doing anything for Valentine’s Day.’ So I slipped in and mentioned the tickets and invited her to the show. It was great.”

The chivalrous gesture is a far cry from the pimp-by-numbers boasting of “Up” (the radio-friendly contraction of “Beat The P*ssy up”). But to hear Rance tell it, his approach with the ladies is somewhere in the middle.

“I’m not into being that guy that walks into the club mean muggin’ every dude or pay $20 just to look at you,” he says. “I come to look at the girls, buy drinks, flirt with the women and dance to good music. That’s my lifestyle and that’s what I’m trying to give back to the world.”

While the song was recorded almost two years ago, the playful yet salacious nature of “Up” has attracted attention from some of music’s biggest names. Unofficial remixes have been done by everyone from  T.I. and Young Jeezy to Chris Brown and an official with  50 Cent was brokered by the label.

“The first time I met him was at the video shoot,” Rance says of Mr. Street King. “He was like ‘I’ve been listening to this song for a while and I was wondering what you were going to do with it and how far you were gonna take it.’ Then when news got back that I got signed to Interscope, it was evident to him that he had to do the song, gotta link up with the kid. I’m happy that he got on it. It definitely gave people on the other side of the country to vibe with me.”

The national exposure definitely helps, but Rance is staying faithful to the folks online that got him her. Followers of him on Twitter (@LoveRance) and Tumblr were treated to a limited edition t-shirt that will either make you laugh or bring out the PC police in force.

“We made these shirts, it has Hello Kitty on crutches,” he says of the visual pun on beating up the…you know. “It was a joke at first, put then I put it on my Tumblr and every girl was like ‘I want that t-shirt.’ I was like well you can have it, so we printed up some.”

Whatever the ladies want, the ladies get.


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