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Talks of a Whitney Houston biopic has been constant since the pop legend’s death last month. Apparently, Megan Good was supposed to meet with Whitney Houston the day after the Grammys to continue discussing plans of the biopic. Since Houston’s passing, there hasn’t been any news on whether Good will go forward with the biopic. Our friends at Vibe Magazine decided to come up with a list of singers and actresses they’d love and hate to see play the late great icon. Check out an excerpt:

LOVE: Rihanna

Why She Might Be Perfect For The Role of Whitney: That’s right. We’re sticking by Rih-Rih! Listen, we know that you might not love her as Whitney. But, acting seems like the natural next step for her. She’s also gone through aton of public scrutiny over the course of her career just like Whitney, so she’d know how to play the role almost naturally. And, can you imagine how many tickets a movie about Whitney Houston played by Rihanna would sell? If Hollywood wants to make money, this is the way to go.

HATE: Monica

Why We Don’t Want To See Her Playing Whitney: Brandy? Yes. Monica? Ehhh. She doesn’t have the acting chops necessary to play such a major role. She doesn’t has the voice necessary to channel Whitney. And (no shots!) she doesn’t have any reason to have the drive that someone like Brandy would have when playing Whitney. So we’re not really sure why some people out there are even suggesting her for the role at this point.

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