Looks like The Houston-Jackson connection goes deeper than Whitney and Michael.  According to The Sun, an unnamed source has come forth, revealing that Houston and Jermaine Jackson had a torrid affair back in the ’80’s when Whitney’s career was on the rise.

Whitney and Jermaine met in the early 1980’s when he was commissioned to collaborate on some music projects with her.  Even though Jermaine denies an extramarital affair with Whitney in his 2011 memoir “You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through A Brother’s Eyes”, a friend close to Jermaine says otherwise:

“Jermaine didn’t tell even half the story in his book. He made it sound like they flirted and backed away. But they were lovers … the reason it ended was because Jermaine wouldn’t leave his wife – and Whitney was angry. The video ‘Saving All My Love For You’ was about all of that.”

Word is Michael did not approve of Jermaine and Whitney’s affair, when Jermaine told him.

Whitney went on to do the 1985 hit single “Saving All My Love” and rumor is the song was secretly dedicated to Jermaine.  The actor who plays Whitney’s love interest in the video does bear an uncanny resemblance to Jermaine. Judge for yourself:



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