Hip-Hop singer/producer Akon isn’t having the best luck with the judicial system as of late. Last month, we reported Akon was being sued over unpaid construction bills. Now the “Locked Up” singer is getting hauled into court by his former lawyers.

As per documents filed in a Georgia court, Akon allegedly hired a stable of lawyers from the company, Yoss, to handle a few civil and business matters. Once Akon racked up a $39,363.74 bill, he refused to pay the law firm. Akon responded to the suit claiming the law firm’s suit is bogus and vowing to fight back against the suit. Akon also is asking for the judge to dismiss the lawsuit against him.

This is about he third or fourth lawsuit against Akon in a short span of time. What is your take on the situation? Is Akon being targeted for random lawsuits or do you believe he hasn’t paid any of his bills? Sound off in the comments.



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