When going from studio to studio pitching his story about the Tuskegee Airmen, director George Lucas was told repeatedly, “Black action stars just aren’t marketable.”   Looks like actor Michael B. Jordan is out to prove them wrong.

Jordan is starring in two of 2012’s most buzzed about movies, the World War II drama Red Tails and the sci-fi cult hit Chronicle.  As handsome class president Steve Montgomery, Jordan brings a distinct charm and likeability to his role in Chronicle, a respite from Hollywood’s tired stereotypes of young black men.

“My role was originally written for a white guy, a character named Steve Kasinski,” he told “That’s why I fought for this role.”

As for Red Tails, Jordan is proud to be a part of history. The action film with a predominantly Black cast opened up in 2nd place its first weekend and made almost $20 Million.

“We shot that movie back in 2009, so for it to come out and do as well as it did with all the controversy and expectations, it feels great to be part of something so successful.”

Watch Micheal B. Jordan and the cast for Chronicle give their reasons why you should check out their movie.

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