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Redman released his debut, Whut? Thee Album in 1992, while his partner in rhyme, Method Man, dropped Tical two years later. Well aware of how much things can change over the course of 15 plus years, the duo talked about appealing to a generation of fans who might have been infants when they first debuted.

We’re maturing,” Redman recently told the New York Daily News. “We evolved and learned a lot more from when we dropped the first album. And the shit we did in the 90’s we can’t do now.”

Red described Blackout 2, which drops May 19, as a blend of old and new school. After releasing the singles “Ayo” and “Mrs. International,” Method Man expressed his hopes for the group’s sophomore effort.

Honestly, I just want this [album] to be heard,” Method Man explained. “That’s all. If you listen to the song that we’re doing for the video right now, it’s like, ‘Is this a Redman and Method Man song?’ It doesn’t seem like we would ever make a song like this.”

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