From the NY Daily News:

Tyra Banks is expected to take the stand this week as a hulking drifter goes on trial for stalking the TV personality.

No one disputes that Brady Green tried to get close to the famous supermodel-turned-talk-show host, but his lawyer says he’s just a fan.

“She invites fans that are inspired by her show to reach out to her,” defense lawyer Sydney O’Hagen said in opening arguments at Green’s trial. “Mr. Green was a fan, albeit perhaps an overzealous fan.”

O’Hagen claims Green was simply trying to get tickets to “The Tyra Banks Show.”

Prosecutors have a different version – and cite statements made by Green that they say prove his guilt.

While we don’t condone harassment of any kind, after looking at the pics below we can understand being an “overzealous” Tyra Banks fan.

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