Whether a fan of contemporary R&B or a more traditional sounding soul singer, Lance Drummonds is an artist you need to know. He has the ability to sing with all the tenderness classic soul music fans long for and infusing a song with enough swag to keep the interest of this generation’s ADD music fan. Since he’s a native of Long Island, New York, he understands the hustle and effort that goes into Ā attaining one’s dreams in a city like New York. Lance is well on his way to seeing those dreams come to fruition.

The Urban Daily spoke to Lance about the success of his first independent album, Time and Space. Drummonds also opened up about his new EP, A Cover Story, which features him doing his own renditions of soul/ R&B classics, his most notable performance, and the thing he fears when it comes to signing with a major label.

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You can find more information about Lance Drummonds by heading to his site, following him on Twitter, or by checking out his Bandcamp.


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