The disturbing news of rapper The Game spitting on a female fan has given us an unfortunate sense of deja vu. While it’s generally accepted that rappers love their fans, there are moments when the artists have definitely turned the night club into fight club.

Here are eight moments of hate that should remind fans to proceed with caution if they throw their hands anywhere but up in the air  when their favorite artist is nearby.

1. Kid Cudi (2009)

In December of 2009 Mr. Rager was touring with Lady Gaga when he got hit on stage with a wallet (recession, what recession?) and threw it back into the audience. When a fan flung it back on stage, Cudi jumped into the crowd and handed out some Facebook pokes in 3D.

2. Akon (2007)

Akon clearly missed his calling in the WWE. The singer threw a 15-year-old fan off stage during a show at Dutchess Stadium in New York. The fan landed on a young lady who suffered a concussion.

3. Paul Wall

Houston’s Paul Wall gave one fan an up close and personal mic check at a Car show in 2011. The fan allegedly gave Paul a middle-finger salute and the “Sittin Sideways” rapper handed out a three-piece Sennheiser special.

However, he issued the following apology afterward:

“I want to sincerely apologize to my San Antonio fans…for allowing myself to become distracted during my recent performance,” he stated. “I apologize for temporarily taking my eyes off that goal. I will learn and grow from this incident and be a better person, artist and performer as a result.”

4. Sean Price (2011)

Brooklyn’s Sean Price, aka Mic Tyson, was minding his business performing in Chile when a fan ran up on stage. Price’s BK instincts kicked in and he administered a not so random act of violence on the perp. He later apologized to fans in Chile stating that he doesn’t want to be known for lumping up his fans.

5. Busta Rhymes (2003)

A disappointed attendee of a  SUNY Albany concert said the wrong thing to the Dungeon Dragon. Busta was subbing in for Fabolous, who cancelled his performance at the last minute. But one fan, Alex Duncan, wanted his money back and got up to leave. Bussa Bus threw a bottle of water at Duncan and his body guard allegedly struck him as well. Busta was ordered to pay $75, 000 in damages.

6. Pitbull (2009)

Who would think a rapper named Pitbull would attack somebody? The king of award show performances pulled a man on stage in Aspen, Colorado and beat him down after the man threw money in his face. (Again, recession? what recession?)

7. Yelawolf ( 2012)

Evidently Eminem didn’t warn his latest signee about Stans. Yelawolf was performing in Santa Ana, CA when one attendee jumped on stage and tackled the rapper down to the ground. Yelawolf got up and whipped the dudes head back and forth.

8. Chris Brown (2012)

Singer (and part-time rapper) Chris Brown snatched a fan’s phone after she took a photo of him outside the South Beach club Cameo, telling her emphatically that she would not post his picture “on no website,” then drove off. Brown is facing charges for the theft.

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