7 Thing Rappers Do that arent that coolRap music has always had a strong influence on the young impressionable minds of today’s youth. While some kids tend to focus on bettering themselves and amassing a fortune through hardwork and perserverance, others believe imitating their favorite rapper is the key to success. The problem with youth acting out their favorite Rick Ross verse is situations play out totally different in real life than in the fantasy world of rap lyrics. Our friends at HipHopWired.com made a list of things that aren’t as cool to do in real life as rappers make them sound. Take a look at an excerpt:

Doing Copious Amounts Of Drugs

What happens in rap…

You smoke, drink, pour up, and maybe even toot a line or two. Pass out, then do it again. Oh yeah, you make some rap songs somewhere in between there that you don’t remember making. But mostly, you do a lot of smoking and drinking just to pass the time. And, well, because you can. But only the best stuff. Premo. Crack is wack.

Examples: Wiz Khalifa “So High,” Any song by Juicy J. Curren$y, too.

What happens in real life…

You are what people in the real world call…a f#cking DRUG ADDICT. If you even have a means of employment, you are constantly late for work and unproductive when you show up. You start borrowing money to support your habit, or even worse, you start selling “things” to get your next taste. You lose your job, family and friends. Basically, nobody who has any priorities about their life wants to hang out with you because all you want to do is get high and watch the Food Network.

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