Once upon  a time, NBC led the charge in diversity programming with their jewel crown, “The Cosby Show.”  One of their top rated sitcoms for eight seasons, The Huxtables redefined what it meant to live the American dream.  Two decades later, aside from a peppering of black actors and actresses on shows like “The Office” and “Community” the black sitcom is all but dead on the peacock network.

With the addition of the upcoming “Best Friends Forever” NBC tries to meet their diversity requirement with a lone black character.  “Best Friends Forever” is the brainchild of real life best buds Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham.  When Jess’ husband files for divorce, she flies cross-country to move back in with Lennon … and Lennon’s boyfriend, Joe (Luka Jones).  Their next door neighbor Queenetta (played by child actress Daija Owens) is their sassy next door neighbor, who isn’t above quoting Drake to pick at an adult’s low self-esteem issues.

While it is commendable that the show is giving work to an obviously adorable little girl, there’s no denying the stereotypical eye rolling and “sass” factor on display here.  Not to mention the fact that Queenetta’s parents are glaringly absent in the promo trailer.   Check out video below and judge for yourself:


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