Sherri Shepherd has a lot going on. “The View” host, comedian, actress and now dancer, is the spokeswoman for the “Clorox Lounge,” a competition to find the funniest mom and dad comic!

Coming from a comedic background, she is the perfect candidate to head the effort and even though she sits beside Whoopi Goldberg everyday on “The View,” she is still her mentor!

During our conversation, Sherri mentions her former co-worker Jamie Foxx and how they started out doing stand-up comedy with nothing, in fact he owes her $50!

Sherri is very passionate about the Kony2012 movement and plans to donate some of her money to the campaign! “Joseph Kony must be stopped” says Sherri.

The Chicago native is ready for “Dancing With The Stars” and says she can “Drop it like it’s hot!”

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