Fans of Fantasia’s VH1 reality show, Fantasia For Real, should know who Brian Dickens is. If you don’t, here’s a brief lesson. Brian Dickens is Fatasia’s manager who accepted Fantasia’s Best Female R&B Vocal Performance Grammy like it was his. He is also the person who pushed Fantasia to do her reality show.Now, it seems Brian Dickens should be known as a thief. That is, if you believe Matthew Writes.

Matthew Writes is a songwriter from North Carolina and claims Brian Dickens took $15,000 from Harvest Family Church in North Carolina and ditched the appearance at the last minute. Writes alleges Dickens refuses to return the $15,000 deposit and that he is a “crook.” Writes went on the warpath on his Twitter account and dragged Dickens’ name through the dirt.

We aren’t exactly sure what to believe, considering Dickens hasn’t responded to Matthew Writes’ comments. We will keep you posted as details come out.


UPDATE: Fantasia’s manager, Brian Dickens saw our rumor report and sent The Urban Daily a response exclusively. Here’s what Dicken’s had to say in response to claims he stole $15,000 from Harvest Family Church:

Last week, Matthew Herman, an employee of Harvest Family Church by and through the Twitter account @Matthewwrites, made several accusations pertaining to Brian Dickens, President of BD Management and Manager of Fantasia Barrino. These accusations are without merit and are false. BD Management and Brian Dickens have been completely ethical and professional in every interaction with The Harvest Family Church. Additionally, Mr. Dickens has never met or communicated directly with Mr. Herman. Mr. Dickens is devastated by these false and unfounded accusations from Mr. Herman.  Mr. Dickens has engaged the services of Baucom, Claytor,  Benton, Morgan & Wood , PA., in order to seek redress for the statements of Mr. Herman.


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