Say it aint so, El! After returning to the spotlight sober and with a Grammy nominated album, El DeBarge was arrested in Encino, California yesterday for drug possession. Police believe DeBarge was actually the person selling the drugs also. According to reports on TMZ, the “All This Love” singer was eyed by law enforcement engaging in a drug deal near the the 101 Freeway around 2 pm. He was taken to a local precinct where he was booked and let go after he posted his $30,000 bail.

This arrest is DeBarge’s first arrest since voluntarily entering rehab for substance abuse last year. El has been arrested for drug possession three times since 2001. El DeBarge is due back in court to face these charges next month.

Update: The charges against El DeBarge have been dismissed by an L.A. judge due to insufficient evidence. According to TMZ, police searched DeBarge and the unidentified man he was with and found nothing. Upon canvasing the area, cops found a bag of rock cocaine. The other party admitted they were there to buy drugs from El DeBarge. The “I Like It” singer denied the other party’s claims. With the case turning into word against which prompted the district attorney to dismiss all charges.



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