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Name of Show: Flavor of Love

Who: Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav took his search for a female companion national. 20 women with nicknames bestowed upon them from the man himself lived in a mansion where they tried to persuade Flav to keep them around each week.

When: 2006-2008

Network: VH1

Why We Watched: We love a good train wreck. What started with the aptly titled Strange Love became the clown prince of Hip Hop’s version of The Bachelor. Flavor of Love is the grandfather of all ratchet reality shows. For the first of many times we saw scantily clad urban women make a fool out of themselves for the affection of Flav. The fact that Flavor was not the best looking guy in the world added to the “WTF” factor.

Impact: Let’s face it, ignorance begot sky high ratings for Flavor of Love and VH1. Because so many people could not look away from the ghetto love connection, the floodgates opened and urban reality shows popped up left, right and center. The women of Flavor of Love were the prototype that bred the cattiness of shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, and For the Love of Ray J.

Tami Talks: Flavor was the first one to do it. He started all of the dating reality shows. His show was fun, it was quirky. I just couldn’t believe they found that many chicks that wanted to date Flav.

Aftermath: Mainly because the “winner” of Flavor of Love Hoopz (now engaged to Shaquille O’Neal) never stayed in a relationship with Flav, the rapper had to put out another search for true love, which led to two more seasons of the show. It was clear to anyone with eyes that the women on the show were using Flav to gain fame for themselves. Some of the women used their brief notoriety to land pinups in men’s magazines, promote club appearances and some were victims of the random sex tape leak.

Ironically, the one person who seemed to genuinely love Flav, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, lost during the first season, but gained her own spinoff I Love New York. Castoffs from various seasons of Flavor of Love wound up on the show Charm School. Leave it to VH1 to capitalize on the oft-criticized women by creating a show that purports to teach them manners. The Road Rules-type competition I Love Money featured past contestants from Flavor of Love with Hoopz emerging victorious again. The spinoff madness continued when two brothers from the “I Love New York” show Real and Chance got their own dating show titled “Real Chance at Love”. How original.

Top 3 ratchet moments on the Flavor of Love:

3) Pumpkin spits on New York:

Upon elimination, “Pumpkin” got into a heated exchange with New York that resulted in her launching a loose loogie in Ms. Pollard’s face.


2) Sapphyri and H-Town fight over a bed

The very first day of taping two of the ladies got into a flower-flailing brawl over which bed they would dream about Flav in.

1) Sumthin poops on the floor

What still stands as THE most ratchet moment in television history, contestant Sumthin (Tykeisha Thomas) relieved herself on the living room floor. At least for her elimination was not over…


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