A month after the Trayvon Martin tragedy, the world is still reeling from the fact George Zimmerman has yet to be arrested and people have come out in Zimmerman’s defense like killing an innocent 17 year old boy is justified because of a hoodie. Outspoken Irish singer Sinead O’Connor penned a letter to the black youth of the world to express her outrage concerning Trayvon Martin and to boost the confidence in some black children. Take a look at the letter below.

I would like to extend my very deepest sympathies to the family and other loved ones of murdered teenager, Trayvon Martin. I am very sad today (and am certain the whole of Ireland is) to learn of poor Trayvon’s terrifying ordeal and horrified by the fact his known and named and admitted killer has not been arrested, despite the crime having taken place a month ago. This is a disgrace to the entire human race.

For those out there who believe black people to be less than pure royalty, let me inform you of a little known, but scientifically proven, many times over, FACT. Which after reading, you will hopefully feel both very stupid and very sorry. For you dishonor your own mothers and grandmothers.

EVERY human being on earth, no matter what their culture, creed, skin colour, or nationality, shares one gene traceable back to one African woman. Scientists have named it ‘The Eve Gene’. This means ALL of us, even ridiculously stupid, ignorant, perverted, blaspheming racists are the descendants of one African woman.

One African woman is the mother of all of us. Africa was the first world. You come from there! Your skin may be ‘white’.. because you didn’t need it to be black any more where you lived. But as Curtis Mayfield said.. “You’re just the surface of our dark, deep well”. So you’re being morons. And God is having the last laugh at your ignorant expense.

If you hate black people, its yourself you hate. And the mother who bore you. If you kill or wish ill on black people, its yourself you kill and wish ill on. As well as the mother who bore you.

Do you agree or disagree with Sinead O’Connor’s comments? Sound off in the comments.



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