‘Bad Girls Club‘ star Gia Sapp-Hernandez claimed on the show that she was a psycho. She proved it on the show by getting drunk before a date and then continually smacking the piss out of him for being the closest thing in the room to hit. As if Gia’s behavior in the house wasn’t messy enough, she was just arrested for biting a man on the arm during an epic brawl at a club in South Carolina.

Gia was arrested on Saturday after getting into a scuffle with a group of men in a club. Some of the men Gia was fighting with were people she came to the club with. Once police arrived to the club, a man who was in the melee, told police Gia bit him. He had a nasty bite mark to prove it. After talking to a few more witnesses, law enforcement decided the Bad Girls Club member needed to be arrested. She was charged with 3rd degree assault and battery and was released on $2,103 bond.



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