He may be a multi-millionaire adored by millions more and the head of a hugely successful record label, but there are times when Lil’ Wayne is like, “It hurts to be me.” Or as he recently put it on Twitter: “Sometimes it’s extremely hard to be me. This is one of those times.” He also tweeted, “Again….it sux to be me sometimes.”

Is your heart aching or are you too busy trying to figure out what this is in reference to? Well apparently, these cryptic messages might be about Weezy being caught cheating on his girlfriend — a former waitress he met in Miami. Yes, per Rhymes With Snitch, the story of “a groupie from North Carolina” who claimed to have bedded the rapper inside of a recording studio in Raleigh, NC surfaced online and quickly went away. Is Wayne referencing that accusation? The site suggests so.

That could be it, or you know, Wayne might be merely musing on how he can’t ever hit a Jack in the Box drive-thru without the cashier refusing to hand over his order of a spicy chicken sandwich with curly fries until he listens to her spit a quick 16. Whichever fantasy you find more fun to believe.


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