Last week’s episode of Basketball Wives was a big one. Shaunie’s birthday dinner was the setting for the battles between Kesha and Tami, Tami and Suzie, and Evelyn and Jenn’s beef came to a head. Though the main event of Evelyn and Jenn was drenched in drama, many viewers of the show couldn’t stop talking about how Tami Roman comes off looking like a bully this season. The main reason for fans calling Tami a bully is because of her storyline with Kesha Nichols.

Kesha was offended when Tami asked her if she was a white girl. Tami says she did ask Kesha if she were white, but you didn’t to see the conversation in context because of the show’s editing squad. Tami called into radio show on iPower Richmond to discuss her issue with the show’s editing and she also dropped a few hints as to what’s going to happen in the coming episodes. Check out the full interview here.


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