Four years after being fired from Danity Kane on national television, Aubrey O’Day is actively campaigning for a Danity Kane reunion. Though most of the ladies have moved on to other things, fans are still clamoring for the reunion.

Aubrey called into a radio show and expressed how much she wants a reunion. She also said she and Dawn Richard are on speaking terms. If you remember, O’Day and Richard had the most beef when the group did an interview with Sway after it was first announced they broke up. Since mending fences, O’Day has been trying to convince Dawn to do a reunion album and Dawn is dragging her feet because of her budding solo career.

Another reason why the Danity Kane reunion might not pop off is because Diddy is the master of the iron clad contract. Though the group is no longer on Diddy’s label, he still retains the rights to the name. Therefore, even if the ladies did reunite and create an album of new material, Diddy would still be involved on some level and we all know how that ended last time. You can listen to the audio interview below.



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