Looks like Terrence Howard married a Fatal Attraction type woman. Howard filed a police report with the LAPD on Monday claiming his estranged wife is trying to extort money from him. He presented an audio tape of his wife making some shockingly incriminating statements to police as proof. According to TMZ, Michelle Ghent Howard is demanding the Hustle & Flow actor pay her or she will release their private intimate films to the press. Michelle Ghent Howard says she will leak other embarrassing materials to the media if she doesn’t receive any money from Terrence.

Drama with this couple is well documented. Terrence believes his estranged wife is a racist and said she threatened to have him killed by Russians. She’s made claims that he is physically abusive. The LAPD don’t have any comment at this time about the audio tape Terrence gave them and are in the middle of investigating the extortion charges.



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