Perhaps you’ve noticed, but a lot of your favorite rappers and R&B singers aren’t making music that’s exactly rooted in hip hop and R&B. Appearing on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this morning, Trey Songz, was asked about the pursuit of mainstream success. He explained to the show’s three hosts, “The success of a crossover I think we all want to attain, but the route to get there is what’s important to me. I’m always going to be a staple in R&B.”

For him: “It’s important for me to keep my music urban and keep my music what I started it to be as ‘cause it’s not cool to be an R&B singer no more. That’s not the thing to do if you want a hit and I think we as the gatekeepers we gotta make sure that we bring that music to the forefront.”

Trey noted that soul singers of the past, like Luther Vandross, were able to do soul music and enjoy a wide array of success all the same. Trey also spoke on Trayvon Martin, noting, “This shouldn’t even be allowed in this country. It’s up to us to not only take a stand but continue to take a stand…be committed to it and not next month, forget about it.”

You can see the interview in full below:


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