Oprah sat down with Extra’s A.J. Calloway to touch on a number of events going on in this country and in her own career with respect to her latest venture, OWN. On the death of Trayvon Martin, which continues to be a hot button issue in the news cycle, Oprah said, “It is a tragedy and it is a shame that we’re sitting here 33 days later and there hasn’t been an arrest, or questioning of what actually happened. It’s a tragedy and it is a shame and we all know it.” She added that Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman is someone she’d like to speak to. “Mr. Zimmerman… I would love to talk to him,” she says.

Oprah also talked about her widely discussed interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown. Apparently it almost didn’t happen. She revealed: “I was on the plane leaving New York… the producer says we can’t find Bobbi Kristina… and we don’t know if she’s going to do an interview. And I said, ‘By the time I land I’m hoping you would have found her.'”

Once Oprah arrived to home of Pat Houston, Bobbi Kristina had re-emerged. Winfrey said, “When I saw her, the reason I didn’t sit down [with Bobbi Kristina] is because I was told that she didn’t really want to sit down, so I just used that moment.”

As for the not-so-great success of The Rosie Show which has been canned, Winfrey said she called Rosie O’Donnell directly to inform her of the decision. “I called [Rosie] and said ‘We’re not going to be able to go forward’… we both knew. She is a class act, one thousand per cent.”

You can check out a clip below:


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