“Swag tag! I’m it.”

Manufactured swag must die! I hate it. I’m tired of regular people faking like they live in a continuous music video. So is the video producer homie Z M Wright. He hilariously rants about this disturbing trend of everybody thinking that they’re celebrities because they took a picture holding a bottle of Moet Rose and posted it on their Blackplanet page.

“You’re not nearly as dynamic as your Myspace page, Facebook status or Twitter would lead one to believe,” he rants.

Manufactured swag to its authentic counterpart is what spinning hubcaps is to actual rims or what Chrysler 300Ms are to Bentleys. It’s not the actual thing. So if you ever hid behind shades in a dark ass night club but didn’t get paid to be there or mortgaged your rent check on some sort of extravagance you can’t really afford in order to place yourself on some self-imposed synthetic social level that’s higher than your actual social level than you need to watch this. No, I’m serious.

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