Baby mommas I hate ’em/They just want you to pay em/I’m in love with my babies/maybe ‘magine ’em famous…”Rick Ross, “Rich Off Cocaine”

Radio head and uber blogger MissInfocame across the prologue to Deeper Than Rap, the tell-all book from the mother of Rick Ross’s son, Tia Kemp. In the text Tia claims that Rick (William Leonard Roberts Jr.) has gone through great effort to downplay how much money he is earning in order to not pay child support.

“It was a long and frustrating day. From the beginning Will was nervous and uncomfortable and so was I. For over six hours with a short lunch break in between, Ileana drilled Will and she covered a lot of ground. As the day went on the cagier he got. His partial financial records we had been given made no sense and as Ileana asked him to explain certain items, Will would refuse to elaborate. He claimed in his financial affidavit he spent $50 a month on clothing total yet I knew Will was a clothing and sneaker freak, always buying himself and Lil’ Will the newest gear. The baby had new Gucci sneakers every month. Ileana had a list of Will’s charges at the Gucci store, and other clothing stores and brand name chains for thousands of dollars at a time and William would explain that it was his mother and sister using his card to shop, not him. When Ileana asked him about the expense of his custom diamond chains, pieces and jewelry, Will swerved around the questions saying he didn’t buy anything, it was either his boy Gun Play’s jewelry or it was promotional stuff he got from jewelers, that he would swap out. Even the custom diamond piece of his actual face. Who would want to swap that? He wouldn’t say what he paid for one piece of jewelry. The affidavit said Will spent $200 a month on food. I know how that man ate, $200 wasn’t gonna make a dent no matter how much McDonalds he said he ate.

She goes on to write that Ross claims to only have made $202,439 in both 2006 and 2007, despite having two Gold records and owning a million-dollar home.

You can read the entire prologue HERE at

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