A New York Judge has ordered rapper DMX to pay $240,000 for assaulting a man at the JFK International Airport while posing as an FBI agent [click here to read]. In addition to these charges, the jury also held him liable for the emotional distress of the man’s mother and 12 year-old daughter.

The incident, which occurred in June of 2004, finally reached a verdict after a three-day trial. According to The Journal News, the victim, Sergei Priporin, claimed that DMX used a police light and siren to force him to pull over at the airport. X allegedly assaulted him and tried to make him get out of the car by claiming to be an FBI agent [click here to read].

DMX was soon after arrested by police after crashing through a gate as he fled the scene. He pleaded guilty to charges in the case and was forced to give up his Ford Expedition and $1,000 as a settlement. However, Priporin filed a civil lawsuit and is demanding $4 million each, for his mother, his daughter, and himself [click here to read].

It really doesn’t matter whether he’s a celebrity or not,” said Priporin. “Every person has to be accountable and responsible for their actions.”

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