Men’s urban fashion pub Complex granted their readers and the men, and maybe some women, on their staff’s wish by featuring Lauren London in their most recent issue. In it the actress denies most of the rumors about her dating rappers saying that not many have, er, penetrated her small circle (of friends!). She even gives advice on how to get at her. Read and take notes.


It seems you’ve been connected to a number of people in the rap world.

Lauren London: Most of those are rumors! I don’t have a lot of friends; most of the friends I have, I’ve had since high school.

OK, then how do you like your man to dress?

Lauren London: For some odd reason, I like a man in sweatsuits. Obviously, you want your man to in a suit, but I like when men look comfortable and the swagger just stands out of that.

And what should this man know before approaching you?

Lauren London: Don’t be thirsty. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t mention anything about Hollywood and you’ll be OK. I don’t want to hear about your jet or your car. Be emotionally stable. I’m interested in a guy who’s a lover of God, a lover of music, a lover of poetry, a lover of women—

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