Will.I.Am gets called many a things in the hip-hop community. he gets called things like sell out and corny. None of that matters to him because he believes he is the hardest ever. Don’t believe me? Check his new video for proof.

Along with Jennifer Lopez and the legendary Mick Jagger, Will.I.Am delivers the visual for his dance-pop track, “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever).” Keeping in line with his futuristic theme, the video finds the Black Eyed Peas leader flying and running through brick walls. Later in the clip, J. Lo appears as a hologram. Who knows what’s going on when Mick Jagger finally appears.

Will.I.Am has got o be a member of the Illuminati or something. That’s the only logical answer as to how dude continues to make music like this and remain a sought after music producer. Check the video and hit us with your review.

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