Singer Anthony Hamilton was attempting to connect with his fans today on his twitter page  by recalling memories of growing up with very little.  The South Carolina native used examples of sharing clothes with his siblings with the hashtag #BackToLove to promote his new album of the same title.

But one tweet in particular got a mixed reaction from some of his followers: “Remember using your Mama’s bath water after she did?! Let’s get #BackToLove.”

After a chorus of negative comments the Tweet is now missing from his timeline and the twitter equivalent of “Iwasjustplayin” has been posted: “Makin sure ya’ll awake!#Backtolove”

Everyone’s reality is different and if that is what Anthony Hamilton’s family really went through he should own it.  Is this an experience you can relate to?  It’s hard to imagine that anyone would side with Anthony on Twitter with so many people going after him. So here is an anonymous way to co-sign his experience.

Have you ever had to reuse bath water after your mom?

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