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Name: Lloyd

From: Atlanta

Occupation: Recording Artist

Affiliation: Interscope

Though R&B singer Lloyd has been a recognized talent since his debut, no one can deny that his long hair wasn’t a factor in defining who he was. But last year, the singer cut off his braids and donated them to a charity that made wigs out of human hair for cancer patients. Currently signed to Zone 4/Interscope Records, the crooner released his fourth album King Of Hearts back in July, and has enjoyed chart success with each song that has been released off of it. The third single “Dedication To My Ex (Miss Me),” featuring Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne, has actually become the biggest international hit of his career. Whether or not R&B fans would like to face it, Lloyd is no longer his hair.

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Define Lloyd’s style.

I would say “useful cool,” it’s cool. It competes with the more mature styles. Style is really about something that comes with time. My style is more just me being comfortable in whatever I’m wearing. And second, I just like to be clean, you know. I like to get my suits tailored, and I like to have a shirt that fits. I’m not really into the real tight stuff, that doesn’t work for me. Nothing really crazy [or] baggy either.

Do you wear any specific designers?

It depends on what you’re wearing. If you want pasta, you gotta go to an Italian restaurant. If I’m in a leather bomber or tux, I really like Moschino. The denims, I like Diesel denims. They tough. They are thick enough to last. They got a rugged look to them. They kinda look like you been in the mud a little bit. Sneakers, I’m really into Jordans, but I’ve always been into Jordans, ever since I was inspired by Jordan. Or I just do Chucks. And I like good boots, I always liked cowboy boots ever since I was a little boy.

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Do you give your lady style advice?

Well, first of all, I know my place. So there are some things about being a woman that a woman knows more about than a man. How to accentuate her features, her beauty, her strong points. It’s always something she’ll do better than me. The women that I’ve met, they usually can respect a good opinion. I don’t see the harm…if I’m asked.

On the flipside, have you ever had a woman give you style advice?

Oh, they tell you in a heartbeat. With a woman, they gonna let you know.

Why did you decide to cut your hair and who cut it?

Realizing that the world is much bigger than me. Having the feeling that I’m really blessed, I just had the urge to do something to give back. My cousin had told me about this “Locks of Love” thing he heard about on TV and it intrigued me a little bit, that I had enough hair to donate to this charity for these kids that had cancer. When you have chemo, it takes a while to grow back. [The charity], they take real hair and make wigs for the kids. I was blessed to have this life and these opportunities so I felt compelled to do something to give back. I only visited a handful of barbers. When I decided to cut my hair, I went back to the same barber that I had when I was a kid. I really only trust about three barbers, one in NY, one in LA, and one in Atlanta.

And your life must be easier to maintain in the mornings now.

My life is a lot more simple in the morning. I just wake up and comb and brush. Even though my hair is curly, I still have more of a Black man’s hair than I would a White man’s. And now that it’s short, I haven’t figured out which way it has to go. I’m so used to it going straight back. I’ll be playing around, like if I go this way or that way, I get a lot of different funny styles. I usually just go back. I guess it never hurts to take a little time out in the morning to make sure your hygiene is on point. If you open that mouth and hit that high note and that low smell comes out, that’s not good. I think I got it pretty easy compared to a lot of my friends. I got it easy. Because I think my hair is just actually a little different. It’s real easy.

You got good hair?

Yeah, I got good hair. I got the curls. They never know what I am. Is he Indian? Is he West Indian? Is Guyanese?

So what are you?

That’s a good question. From what I know, I’m Black. African-American. My grandpa had some Scottish blood. My grandma had Creole blood. My father was Black.

So how do you take care of that good hair?

Well, before when I had braids, I had to wear a doorag. If not, you wake up and one of the braids [will] be unwrapped. When you’re traveling a lot and you don’t have access to a hair braider, you don’t want to look like boo boo da fool at a show. You gotta wear that doorag. I wasn’t good with it though, I’m not good with repetition, taking medicine or anything like that, so sometimes I’d show up a lot of times looking like I just got out of prison.

Are you part of the male population that gets mani/pedis?

Hell yeah. For one, I travel a lot. I’m dancing all over the place. I work out. I run. You gotta take care of yourself if you wanna last longer. It’s not just about a pleasure or luxury, but just making sure that you are taken care of. A lot of guys we get the Athlete’s Foot or fungus in the toes, so pedicures they do prevent a lot of wear and tear on your feet. So I’m proud of pedicures. Now, the polish, I don’t do that. When they ask polish or buff, I go with the buff, I don’t go with the polish. Even when I go to get one, I say it with my chest. “I want a pedicure!” (in manly voice)

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