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Name: Carl Thomas

From: Chicago

Occupation: Singer

Affiliation: Verve Records

R&B singer Carl Thomas has always been a “grown man.” In the late 90s, the Chicagoan relocated to New York to pursue a singing career. After grabbing the attention of Sean “Diddy” Combs and signing with Bad Boy Records, Thomas hit big in 2000 with his debut album Emotional, off the strength of the single “I Wish.”

Carl Thomas Drops New Album “Conquer” [REVIEW]

Around that time, most R&B music was toeing the line of hip-hop meets bubble gum pop. But even then Carl Thomas was catering to those listeners with, jobs, bills and real life problems. It was all he knew. Now, over 10 years later, he’s just released another album Conquer, still comfortable in his music, his career, and his grown man style.

How would you define your style now as opposed to when you first came out?

It’s a bit more “grown man”. But I don’t know how much more grown man you can get than Emotional. It’s a bit more refined. It’s a bit more relaxed at the same time. You see me rocking the old school Gucci sneakers. Before, you know, I would have a problem with just relaxing around the house with a pair of slacks. Now, it’s absolutely no problem for me.

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It seems like a lot of you guys are always very well groomed. Is that something that is important as a male in Chicago?

I don’t know about that, but I know I definitely know how to put the G in check.

I think that’s just, we always like to be dapper dudes, just like cats from the D, from Detroit. It might be a Midwestern thing rather than a Chicago thing.

What about shaving?

Sometimes, I have to absolutely let the hair on my face completely grow in crazy and wild. I have to do that every 90 days. Because letting the hair grow conditions the skin on your face and gives you that baby feel, you know. And it’s just according to how I feel.

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