Congrats to Karrine “Super Head” Steffans who announced she was pregnant on her Tumblr page. Steffans remarried a few months ago and has already started adding to her family.

Super Head Wasn’t Born In The U.S., Here’s Where She Comes From

Karrine’s Tumblr keeps fans in the know about her day-to-day life including responses to viewers’ questions and how she’s ‘#sogladtobemarried.”

We guess she was serious about turning her life around. In her “Life After Video Vixen,” Karrine says “Writing books is great, but I can and will be doing so much more with my life.”

Karrine Steffans Got Married But Not To Lil Wayne…

Living the married life is a part of her ‘do so much more plan.’

Tell Us: With a new hubby and their baby on the way, has Karrine Steffans really turned her life around?

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