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Name: Marcus Samuelsson

From: Sweden

Occupation: Chef

Affiliations: Red Rooster/Marc Burger/Street Food/C-House

Ethiopian-born Marcus Samuelsson is a “designer of dishes.” The 40-year-old chef is the owner of four different restaurants, including his most recent, the famous Red Rooster in Harlem. It opened in 2010, and has since hosted the likes of everyone from Sting to Barack Obama. “Every time you come in, you’re going to be overwhelmed with food, style and hospitality,” he said in an exclusive interview with StyleBlazer TV.

Marcus Samuelsson: My Swedish Christmas In Harlem

As the only Black man to be voted on Vanity Fair’s 2011 Best Dressed List,” Samuelsson has style both in and out of the kitchen. “We eat with our eyes. If it doesn’t look good, that’s your first decision, I’m not gonna eat it. Or ‘that dish looks so good, I think I’m gonna eat. The culinary arts and style cross over in everything we do,” he says.

Samuelsson, who was raised in Sweden, says his upbringing contributed to his sense of fashion—a word he doesn’t like to use. “People of color, we always carry a sense of style. And we have to, for me and my sister coming out in Sweden, my Swedish mom was very hard on us in our style,” he says.

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Samuelsson continues, “In Sweden, you have a sense of fashion. Being from these places, Ethiopia, Harlem, Sweden, all my clothing has some sort of meaning, the tie is from my dad, these shoes, I bought them when I went to the White House. The pants are Dutch, and my wife is Dutch. Everything I wear it’s always a reason.”

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