As the stockings are “hung by the chimney with care,” we at TheUrbanDaily are basking in Internet glory over the pure ratchetness that has surfaced over the year. We are taking a look back at these humorous, sometimes shocking instances over the next 12 days of Christmas so stay tuned!

Where They Do That At?

This year two unlikely opponents rose to stardom in a Rap/R&B beef for the ages. A video that surfaced showing a fight between Ray-J and Fabolous hit the Internet but not even that piece of imagery could cause the two men to make our ratchet list. What really caught our eye was the drama that surrounded the drawn out beef!

Ray-J showed his true soft side when things got serious and led us down a yellow brick road of pause worthy moments…

Check out some “notable quotables” below:

“I socked that n***a in the face” -Ray-J

“I play piano in that motherf*****r everyday! [Mayweather’s house]” -Ray-J

“My big homies is on his bumper!” -Ray-J

“I let him drop my top” -Ray-J

“They[his goons] gon’ rape that n***a, bend that n****a over and stick it in his butt” -Ray-J

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