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Name: Drake

From: Toronto

Occupation: Rapper/Singer & Actor

Affiliations: Young Money/YMCMB

At only 24-years-old, Aubrey “Drake” Graham has already inspired and influenced many with his musical style. His melodic rhyme flow and signature, one-word, punch-line raps have defined his music to a youth generation that now anxiously awaits his every release.

Drake Forehead Tattoo: The Girl With Drake On Her Face

This past November, Drake dropped his second album Take Care, which landed at number one on the Billboard Top 200 album charts. But there’s more to Drake than just his music.

Despite how the blogs have critiqued his look, his hair and style help make him who he is. “I think [his hair] works for him,” says celebrity barber Maurice Manley, who laughs when asked his professional opinion on what has been coined by critics as Drake’s “Jew-Fro.”

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“Between his hair texture and his skin complexion, I would imagine that’s why they coined it that,” Manley explains. “Right now, since he’s grown it out, it’s long, so it’s an afro, but it’s still kinda curly, but yet his hair is straight. It’s not the regular puffy afro like Michael Jackson had when he was a kid. His is more like a cloud, I guess. If you look at Jewish people here in the states, their hair curls up when it’s long. Still, for the most part, their hair is straight. He has that combination, because he is Black and Jewish.”

Manley admits, though that if given a chance to shape Drizzy up, he might approach it a little differently. “If I were to have the opportunity to say what’s the best look for him, I wouldn’t do it that way. First I would assess the length with him, and if he wanted to keep the length, that’s not a problem.”

Manley continues, “If it were up to me, I would taper it around the ears and close to his eyebrows, it’s long there too, and there’s no uniform to it, so I would taper it around the temples and a little bit around the ears, and the back/neck area. Then I would shape it so there is continuity, and it’s just not having that cloud look. I would put a little sizzle into and it would look better, they probably wouldn’t call it that [the ‘Jew-Fro.’]”

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