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Name: Miguel

From: Los Angeles

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Affiliations: RCA Music Group

While some of today’s R&B singers go shirtless as they roll their spine and show off their abs, Miguel opts for a different approach when it comes to his look and style. The Los Angeles-born singer/songwriter plays the guitar and cites everyone from the Notorious B.I.G. to Phil Collins as inspiration. It’s no wonder that his hair is also in a class by itself.

Miguel: “Eclectric” R&B Upstart

Celebrity barber Maurice Manley explains the hairstyle that few others tend to be rocking these days. “Miguel has two or three different hairstyles going on. The first one that everyone pays attention to is an old hairstyle called the pompadour. In the front, you have a gradual increase in hair length starting from the crown of his head and going forward, so it’s low at the crown and it gradually gets longer. By the time it gets to the front, it looks like a ramp.”

Manley points out the different styles that he observed in Miguel’s head, while seeing the performer on Disney XB when his son was watching. “In the back of his hair, he has a semi-fade, the hair is longer in the back by his neck. Typically, the shag was an exaggerated ducktail. His is wide, it covers from ear to ear on the back of his head, but it’s not long as a tail.” Being both African-American and Mexican-American, Miguel’s exposure to different cultures adds to his international appeal.

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“Some barbers have labeled it as the 3-D hair cut,” explains Manley. “I guess because it’s like there’s three cuts going on. The fade, the pompadour, and this shag thing going on in the back. It’s long enough to see the contrast, while meanwhile the sides are real close to his scalp. So it’s a lot going on, but it works for him though.” Acknowledging the pompadour as a hairstyle that is becoming more popular among celebrities (see the Game’s Hosea Chanchez or Bruno Mars), Manley offers that he would approach Miguel’s hair just a little differently. “The pompadour part is fine. A lot of people when they see it, they want their hair cut like that. I would do that on him. But the back part, I would tweak it a little more.”

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