2011 has been an interesting one for Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke. The legendary Miami artist and record label owner made a bid for Mayor of his hometown Miami-Dade county.

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“They call me a daredevil,” he says of the move. “A couple times I thought what am I doing?”

His plan included a stripper tax (that probably didn’t go over well with his core fans) and he  finished with 11% of the vote. But the opportunity lead to a mini-movie based on his life being submitted to the Sundance film festival. Always a hustler.

Luke also made news earlier in the year for challenging adopted Miami resident Lil Wayne to give back to the Miami community that he has made his new home. Luke set a January 1st deadline or else Weezy would have his “Miami card revoked.”

However, Uncle Luke insists that he meant no ill will towards the Young Money boss and that he was simply pushing Lil Tunechi to not forget the little people.

“When I say something to these young guys I say it as a big brother as a person who paved the way for them,” Luke explains. ” I look at myself as a Magic Johnson speaking to NBA Players. It’s not to hurt them, it’s to help them.  It’s very important for them to give back to their communities. To be great you have to give back. People took it out of context. I guess I shouldn’t have given him the ultimatum of January 1, that was a little harsh. But the heart of what I said was to give back. He does community service.”

That is what happens when someone typically known for having a good time decides to get serious. But that doesn’t stop Luke from doling out advice. When asked what Weezy’s New Year’s resolution should be Luke offers a rather novel idea.

“Lil Wayne should get all of his tattoos removed,” Luke says. “That would be some major sh*t there. Then all of the little girls that shouldn’t have a tattoo would be running down to get em removed. Lil Wayne would put so many people to work removing tattoos. He would put more people to work than Obama.”

What about other celebrities like Rihanna? She has been one of the most talked about figures of 2011. Does Uncle Luke have any New Year’s resolutions for her?

“Rihanna, you don’t do too good with men, get you a girlfriend. I know she gonna come after me cussing me for that one.”

No worries, Uncle Luke. We think she already beat you to the punch on that one. Peep the video to “Te Amo” that was “banned” in the USA just like yours!

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