Santa Claus slipped up, messing with Amber rose and his nude pics “Naughty or Nice” list was leaked via Twitter! Luckily, before he pulled a good ole’ tweet and delete, in true Chris Brown fashion, we took a screen grab (shout out to Apple)! Here’s five celebs who made the confidential list:

Kobe Bryant

Crying won’t save you this time, Kobe! Even after catching a “rape case,” which  was just proof to the world of how much of a cheater you are, your wife Vanessa stayed by your side. She didn’t even write a “tell-all” book exposing your lies which would have only benefit her! And let’s face it, you weren’t going to divorce her if she had, because she’s entitled to half your worth. After 10 years of your relationship negligence, Vanessa smartened up, opened the market up!

Vanessa Bryant Files For Divorce From Kobe

4 lumps of coal for you!

**Editors Note** amazing basketball player none-the-less!

Casey Anthony

I don’t want to pull the “If Casey Anthony were black” card, but I must! If Casey Anthony were black, she’d be rotting in a prison cell with 23-hour lock down. The 22 year-old mom claims her two year-old daughter, Cayless Anthony, accidentally drowned in a pool and because of her tumultuous upbringing she didn’t tell authorities about her baby girl’s death. This was after she lied about a fictitious nanny kidnapping little Caylee.

Witnesses even confessed that Casey’s car smelled like a dead body. To much dismay, Casey was acquitted of first degree murder and charged with four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

100 lumps of coal for you… F that, give her the whole coal mine (minus the diamonds)

Herman Cain

Damn son! You were on your way to possibly becoming the second black President of these United States of America! Then, the four Becky’s you “got your perv on with” came out the closet. I’m not sure if the nation was ready for an inter-racial couple anyway, oh wait…your married to a black woman!

White Women Rally For Herman Cain On Creepy Website

5 lumps of coal for you!


As noble as Kimbella claims her attempts were, in divulging private information that would crush Emily B’s existence, she still makes the “Naughty List” simply because “we don’t believe you, you need more people!” Frankly, if Kimbella wanted to be a woman and tell Emily about her past romp with Fabolous, she should have pulled her to the side, during a less joyous time and exposed herself as a groupie then. Doing it during a celebration in a room of females that haven’t known you longer than 20 minutes seems quite malicious.

2 lumps of coal for you!

The 12 Days Of Ratchetness: Kimbella Gets Her A$$ Beat!

Kim Kardashian

(You know you made the list!) Kim Kardashian is stunning, so much so, that she can reel in probably any man she pleases. She’s so beautiful that Kris Humphries fell for her charm and married her (I refuse to believe they actually had sex, so I’m not going to say it was the intimate nights they privately shared). Kim, from there, after silently convincing Kris Dumbhries to say “I Do,” divorced him then claimed she didn’t make a dime off her highly publicized (over the top) wedding.

How long were they married? 72 days…

Yeah, 72 lumps of coal for you!

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