This year if you opted for hosting your very own New Years Eve shindig, you will find that throwing a party isn’t as easy as choosing a club to stumble into before the clock strikes 12. House Parties are common on NYE but making yours the best is essential to your rep and most-importantly crucial to your year-end experience. Here are 5 tips to help with the struggle!

5. Remember to count down at 11:59 pm!

Don’t be the person who yells “Oh s**t” it’s 12 o clock!” If you are hosting a party be sure to stop the music when 11:59:50 rolls around. This also means you have to pay attention to your clock, so be a doll and set an alarm on your sophisticated smart phone as a reminder!

4. Invest in security!

I know you invited only people you know and their close friends (at least I hope) but we have seen too many house parties end with innocent deaths over simple beefs and or senseless violence. Keep and eye on your invitation list by doing it on Facebook. That way you can see where it has been shared, who is attending and who may or may not come!

3. Pair liquor with food so no one is drinking on an empty stomach.

Nothing is worse than someone using your living room floor as a toilet after they’ve had too much to drink with nothing supporting his or her stomach but gastric juices and Henny! Also be sure to keep the isle to the bathroom clear, that means no one should be in there for an hour making out. Keep plenty toilet tissue available as well.

2. Choose your DJ carefully!

Everyone knows the key to a successful party is the music. Do not let your homie use his iPod on your computer speakers that are connected to a subwoofer you found in the garbage yesterday. If all else fails, get a DJ you trust and know is going to get the party started and keep it there! Oh and make sure he has a microphone…common mistake!

1. Stay stocked with liquor by having someone trustworthy handle the bar.

OK, maybe all these bottles aren’t needed…get yourself a couple cases of cheap vodka and Tequila for shots and have a grand ole’ time. The important part is to have someone monitoring the beverages so no one is sneaking off with bottles, pouring full cups or drinking it straight. Mix the liqs with juices to make it last longer. No one should be walking around the party with bottles flaunting the $50 they spent on Moet. Also for security reasons, have all the bottles in a secure place so none are thrown!

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