Surrounded by almost as much hype as the day Watch The Throne came out, NBA kicked off it’s shortened season on Christmas Day. What better gift could a sports fan ask for? After a long period without basketball, every tip off when off without a hitch, minus the Kevin Garnett situation. Our friends at The Smoking Section poisted a piece featuring ten random observations amidst the NBA’s Christmas Day Marathon. Check out an exerpt:

As much as I try, hating on the Mavericks is impossible. I credit it to actually getting a chance to meet Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry while I attended Georgetown, but there’s no true cause for concern just yet. They’re an older team so it makes sense it’ll take more than four quarters to get their regular season legs under them. I do think, however, they’ll miss Tyson Chandler. Brendan Haywood doesn’t scream “starting center” and Vince Carter is going to have to provide some sort of scoring on that starting unit. There are questions surrounding this team, but while I can’t see them repeating as champs, they’re not going to exactly roll over and die in the process.

Read the entire list here.


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